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Potato Chip Slicer

potato chip slicer

So, you are looking for the right potato chip slicer? That is not very hard as this website has tips and bits of information for you. For your information, potato chip slicer actually comes from a big family. There are many kinds of them for you to choose. We will see what are potato slicer, potato chip slicer, spiral potato slicer, french fry potato slicer, electric potato slicer, and tornado potato slicer.

Firstly, potato slicer. An article suggets that a potato slicer is one that gives you thick circular potato slices. You will need this slicer when you want to make scalloped potatoes. There are electric and manual AND household and industrial grade potato slicer. Industrial grade slicer can be ordered directly from its manufacturer (e.g., Nemco, Chefs, etc).

Potato chip slicer is the second type. It cuts very thin potato slices for you to make potato chips. Industrial grade potato chip slicer is a big machine and can slice potato very fast. Household grade potato chip slicer can be manual or electric slicer. Manual potato chips slicer is almost a must in every western kitchen and can be bought starting from $10. If you are sophisticated the electric slicer is suitable for you, particularly the popular Presto electric potato slicer.

Another type is spiral potato slicer. I think it refers to spiral potato chip slicer. If you prefer spiral potato chips the spiral potato chip slicer is the one for you. The metal spiral slicer looks fits for its purpose compared to plastic slicer. There are also manual and electric spiral slicers.

For you who like fries 'french fry potato slicer' is for you. I have the opportunity to see Progressive french fry slicer/cutter. It is plastic with steel blade (two blades for large and small fries). At the time this article is written 58 out of 123 Amazon customer who reviewed this slicer give it 5 stars. If you want french fry potato slicer for business then you can search for restaurant grade french fry slicer.

The fifth type of potato chip slicer worth to know is potato slicer tornado. Tornado potato is quite similar with spiral potato but it is thicker and fried on a stick/skewer (see picture). At least one brand of tornado potato slicer also can be used to make curly fries and ribbon fries.

If you are looking for a potato chip slicer then one of the types discussed above is for you. Or you are looking for another kind of potato slicer? Potato chip slicer is a must in every western kitchen. Mums know that potato chips is favorite for family and guest. By cooking it properly potato chips can be a healthy snack. With this Internet it is easy to find good potato chip slicer, most of the times it is just a matter of mouse click!

potato chip slicer

Potato Chip Slicer 2

potato chip slicer

Have you got the right potato chip slicer? With the Internet the search for one is very easy. Potato chip slicer is not expensive however it is worth to find a good one. There are many kind of potato chip slicer in the market; the manual slicer is cheap and handy. If you are looking for a sophisticated one electric potato chip slicer is suitable for you. (Note: In a previous post I have written 10 tips on how to choose the right potato chip slicer , today I have added two more tips in it). I think it wise to read an article written by an expert below:

Kitchen Utensil Must Haves
Daniel Kraus

Every kitchen needs utensils and tools to complete a well prepared meal. There are a variety of tools and specialty equipment available to the consumer and professional chef, but there are a few no kitchen should be without. The most needed piece of equipment in a kitchen has got to be a knife sharpener. While some people use the old knife sharpening stone, we prefer the Chicago Cutlery hand held sharpener. It is ergonomically designed to provide easier use and comfortable handling. The tool allows a chef or cook to sharpen the knife simply by pulling it through 2 angled sharpening stones set into the tool. Quick and easy, and you don't need to be concerned with the angle of sharpening as the tool does all the work for you.

No kitchen would be complete without a set of measuring spoons; after all you can't prepare a recipe without the proper amounts of ingredients. World Cuisine produces a beautiful stainless steel set of measuring spoons containing 1 tablespoon, and 1, ½, and ¼ teaspoons. The stainless steel construction provides you with durability and is simple to clean. All of these spoons can be used for dry ingredients like baking soda or liquid ingredients such as olive oil or vanilla extract. All of the measuring spoons are held together on a simple ring so you don't lose any accidentally.

Slicers can be found for general use or for specified foods. An egg slicer is probably the most common of these and is essential for preparing hard boiled eggs for salads. A quick simple push of the slicer creates perfectly sliced eggs for any use. You can slice once and turn the egg sideways to produce diced portions of egg as well. Another very useful slicer is the mushroom slicer from World Cuisine; it doubles as a fruit slicer as well. Fruits like strawberries and kiwis are well suited for this slicer as they are more delicate fruits. The cutting wires are constructed from stainless steel to ensure their durability. And of course no slicing arsenal would be complete without an onion slicer. Stop spending your prep time when slicing onions and let a tool do it for you. This is especially useful if you are sensitive to onions.

A pastry mat is another addition that no kitchen should be without. The non-stick mat from World Cuisine allows for the baker to not use flour and the bottom of the mat is slip resistant to keep it in place while you roll out your dough. The mat can double for candy makers when sugar and chocolate is being used as the non-stick surface lends itself to easy removal of the prep ingredients. The mat is easy to clean and highly durable providing years of use and enjoyment.

Daniel Kraus has worked in the food service industry for over 15 years as a manager, bartender and server captain in four and five star restaurants from St. Louis to Nashville.

Daniel currently writes for
Your Smart Kitchen.

Article Source:

Quite strange, however, the author of the above article does not include potato chip slicer in his list of essential kitchen tools. Potato chip slicer is a must in every western kitchen. Mums know that potato chips is family favorite. Also, by cooking it properly potato chips can be a healthy snack. It is easy to find good potato chip slicer, with the Internet it is just a matter of mouse click!

potato chip slicer

Potato Chip Slicer