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Commercial Potato Slicer - How to Buy a Good One!

potato chip slicer

Commercial potato slicer is for one who wants to start or to expand his business. This kind of slicer suppose to be of high quality. Suppose to be strong, firm on its feet, durable and suppose to work like horse. Commercial potato slicer is not only for restaurant, also for mum who caters big family.

The business decision to buy commercial potato slicer should be done properly. The first step in this buying decision is to know exactly what your business need i.e. to know the purpose. Does it needs electric potato slicer or manual one? There are many types of potato slicer out there, which one is needed? Be specific.

After you have identified the very potato slicer that you need you should list several alternatives or options (step 2). Lets say your business needs a commercial grade french fry cutter, what should you do then is to list several options that you have. If I am in your shoes my list would be:

1. Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter
2. Potato Cutter 3/8'' by Vollrath
3. French Fry Cutter - 3/8" Square Cuts by Winco
4. French Fry Cutter - 1/4" Square Cuts by Winco

The final step is to choose the best commercial potato slicer from the list that you have developed in step above. The way to choose it is through comparing the advantages and disadvantages of buying each item. Things to consider include the quality of the slicer, the delivery cost (free delivery?), and after sales service (including warranty). No commercial potato slicer is perfect, the only thing that one can do is to choose the best for his business.

There are many buying decision models out there. The buying decision model that has been explained above is the typical you can find in the textbook; no guaranty of getting the right slicer but it is systematic and make sense. The essence of the model is one should make an informed decision rather than emotional decision. Lucky, with this Internet commercial potato slicer and stores that sell it are everywhere.

p/s - be calculative, only buy a commercial slicer if the benefit of having one for your business is greater than the cost to buy it.

potato chip slicer