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Potato Chip Slicer: Presto Salad Shooter

potato chip slicer

Presto electric potato slicer, this what people called this electric potato chip slicer. This slicer is a product of leader in housewares and portable electric appliances - National Presto Industries, Inc. Presto Salad Shooter slices or shreds not just potato but vegetables and fruits of many kinds, cheese, and things alike for any purpose. This potato chip slicer is rated 5 star by 109 over 147 customers in Amazon at the time I write this post. I would review this potato chip slicer soon, but you do not have to wait, click the photo of Presto electric potato slicer below and read what customers said about it.

With the Internet, potato chip slicer of any kind is just a matter of mouse clicks!

potato chip slicer

How To Make Potato Chips

potato chip slicer

How to make potato chips? It is easier and faster than you think. To make potato chips you need potatoes, cooking oil, salt, and your preferred seasoning. I will show you three answers for your ‘How to make potato chips?’ question HERE:

1. Wash potatoes and dry them using kitchen/paper towel
2. Peel the potatoes or leave the skin as your preference
3. Slice the potatoes using good potato chip slicer
4. Brush/apply potato slices with cooking oil
5. Sprinkle salt and seasoning

Three ways to make potato chips are (1) baked (not oily i.e. healthier way), (2) deep fried (the practical way), and (3) microwaved (fast!).

1) Baked:
i. preheat your oven +/- 400 degree F
ii. put potato chips evenly on baking tray
iii. bake the potato chips until they are golden and crispy (around 12 minutes)
iv. flip the potato slices to get good result
v. serve potato chips when it is cool

How to make potato chips the (2) Deep fried way? You know more than me!

3) Microwaved:
i. allot potato slices in a single layer on microwavable plate
ii. on ‘high’, cook the potato slices until it is golden (around 4 minutes)
iii. sprinkle salt and seasoning if necessary, serve when it is cool

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How to make potato chips? The answer is here. Hope you enjoy potato chips as much as I did. More resource about how to make potato chips is everywhere in the Internet, all you need probably is just a mouse click!

potato chip slicer

Potato Chip Slicer