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Potato Chip Slicer: 10 Potato Chip Slicer Buying Tips

potato chip slicer

Potato chip slicer (some call it potato slicer, ripple potato slicer, etc) is not an expensive item but it is wise to buy a good one. This is because potato slicer is used now and then in the kitchen. The experience of individuals who bought potato chip slicer could be used as guidance. Consider their experience, one who wants to buy potato chip slicer should see the following as tips:

1. Make sure the one that you choose is blessed with durable and sharp blades.

2. Make sure the potato chip slicer that you choose is not easy to get a finger into the blade, or it would slice your fingers wonderfully as potatoes.

3. Also ensure it is not an easy one to cut fingers when changing blades.

4. A good potato chip slicer could slice potatoes uniformly.

5. A good potato chip slicer should be one that easy to getting the unit to snap together. Should be easy to lock and load.

6. If the slicer comes with bowl, it is wiser to chose one with rubber feet. The rubber would hold the bowl in your countertop. So, less possibility of accident.

7. Typically, the electric potato chip slicer is reviewed by customers as generally better than the manual one.

8. If you buy an electric potato chip slicer then choose one with powerful motor. The less powerful motor tends to overheat and turn itself off.

9. Choose potato chip slicer that easy to clean. Many modern slicers are dishwasher safe.

10. Expect the slicer that you buy is as good as its price. Customer reviews show that they generally more satisfy with more expensive potato chip slicer.

Additional tips:
1. A double edge blade potato chip slicer could slice potato faster that a single edge one.

2. Ceramic blade is generally sharper (actually it is very very sharp) compared to steel blade.

Potato chip slicer is sold in the internet for you to get one. You also can get more information about potato chip slicer in the internet. Potato chip slicer, it is just a matter of a mouse click or two!

potato chip slicer

Potato Chip Slicer