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Presto Electric Potato Slicer

potato chip slicer

Presto electric potato slicer, this is what people called this electric potato chip slicer. This slicer is a product of leader in housewares and portable electric appliances - National Presto Industries, Inc. Presto 02910 SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder is the given name. Presto electric potato slicer slices or shreds not just potato but vegetables and fruits of many kinds, cheese, and things alike for any purpose. This potato chip slicer is rated 5 star by 88 over 108 customers in Amazon at the time I write this post.

What is Presto electric potato slicer:

It has been described that this electric potato chip slicer would slice or shred veggies (including potato), fruits, and cheese without making mess. A great help for terrific potato chip, salad, pizza, tacos and also dessert. The days you slice your fingers to make potato chips might have gone with this presto electric potato slicer, as it can shoot potato chips straight into your bowl. Comes with several types of cutter plus easy to assemble/disassemble.

See what happy Amazon customers said (I read about 50 customer reviews and found the following comments):

'...It works super for slicing potatoes for casseroles or shredding for hashbrowns and I love using it for cheese...' By Brenda Wilburn Flint

'...This thing is great. I use it to shred potatoes, cheese, carrots, etc. It works like a charm and puts the produce right where you want it - right in the bowl or the hot pan...' By Daniel Lynam "saultarsus"

'...Yup, I love my SaladShooter. I especially like it for hash brown potatoes, crushing crackers, and for chopping nuts...' By Jane Zentz

'I have used my salad shooter so far for shredding carrots and zucchini for recipes, and for slicing potatoes and zucchini...' By Pragmatist "wopten"

I suggest you click the photo of Presto electric potato slicer below and read the whole story:

I hope you find the right potato chip slicer. Potato chip slicer, electric or manual, is not expensive but it is worth to buy a good one. With the Internet, potato chip slicer of any kind is just a matter of mouse clicks!

potato chip slicer

Potato Chip Slicer